MAP — Behavioral Health Services

We Are Here For You

Committed to providing individuals who walk through our doors access to care and services based on respect for human dignity, cultural sensitivity, holistic care and independence. MAP assists individuals to develop resilience to drugs and alcohol use by providing access to professionals with expertise knowledge on treatment protocol, and peers, who have taken the same roads as the clients.

Our Services

MAP’s services are geared to educate and empower participants to make appropriate plans for their lives as well as provide the necessary supports individuals need to achieve their personal goals. 

Honesty, Integrity and Fairness

Continuous Improvement

MAP Behavioral Health Services (MAP) is a non-profit organization founded in 1976 to provide substance abuse treatment services to adults addicted to drugs and alcohol in Rhode Island. The organization is located in the heart of Providence, Rhode Island, accessible to the bus-line on Elmwood Avenue. MAP provide state-of-the-art culturally and linguistically appropriate Behavioral Health services with an outstanding service track of assisting several men and women to recovery, and remaining clean.

MAP offers intensive outpatient and residential substance abuse treatment, including dual-diagnosis and referral services. Our clients present multiple vulnerabilities at enrollment, in addition to history of drugs or alcohol use, including the need for permanent housing, lack of income, low level of education unemployment and homelessness. MAP’s goal is to stabilize individuals seeking care and guide them on ways to seek happy and productive lives. The success of the MAP’s programs is evident in the low rate of recidivism in crime, alcohol or drug use among graduates of MAP Behavioral Services.