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MAP is proud to offer clients a culturally integrated environment, where the staff is trained to be culturally competent in a diversified environment. MAP’s staff engages clients within a level of emotional intelligence that reflects an understanding of clients’ cultural background, their experiences, and issues. Mutual relationship is developed, along with trust, confidence, and reliability. This relationship-building enhances diagnosis, treatment, and quick discharge.

With our research-based programs, we don’t just focus on the problems; we strengthen the individual and focus on the future!

MAP's Quality Improvement Plan

Person-Centered Therapy is the standard of care approach central to MAP’s Quality Improvement Plan. One of the essential components of the quality internal review process, establishing measurable goals and behavioral action steps with time frames. Developing success metrics and data indicators for assessing achievement; identifying growth areas; accessing technical assistance or other resources to support program improvements; and determining how progress, evaluation, and quality assurance and quality control. Person-Centered Therapy at MAP places the individual in the center of all services delivered and treated as a person first – what their aspirations, needs, wants, interests are, and what they can do.  

MAP’s QIP focuses on the partnership with the clients on achievement and delivering quality services tailored to each client’s ambitions, goals, and unique circumstances. This dedication to supporting the individual in achieving critical thinking with unconditional acceptance, genuineness, compassion, and respect are the benchmarks of excellence in Addiction Treatment that define MAP Behavioral Health Services, Inc.

Our Mission

To reduce the incidence and negative impacts associated with substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, mental health and other public health threats for the clients we serve in Rhode Island and the New England area. Our services aim to improve and enhance the social, emotional and rehabilitative needs of our clients.

Our Vision

MAP will enhance its leadership role and service delivery to minority communities in the areas of public health and substance by 5%. We envision actualizing this goal by stabilizing our financial positions, acquiring national accreditation, increasing visibility and community relations, and improving core and cultural competencies of our staff.

Core Values

Embracing a philosophy that appreciates cultural diversity, family and community values, client-centered care and support towards self-controlled destiny. MAP also values an evolving strategic process of on-going growth and development.


For over four decades, MAP has provided in-patient and out-patient substance abuse treatment and counseling

Founded in 1976. Mr. Rose founded MAP after he returned from the Vietnam War for U.S. veterans who were addicted to alcohol, drugs, and had PTSD. A non-profit organization registered in the state of Rhode Island, United States. In 2014, the organization changed its name to MAP Behavioral Services, Inc. The change was necessary as the organization made a transition from a Rehabilitation services organization, to a full-fledged Behavioral Health Services provider.

Prior to its inception in the 1970’s, men who were impacted by the effects of alcohol and drugs addiction were in great numbers, and there was no residential program to provide the services needed. There was also young men making the transition from prison into the community for drugs and alcohol related offenses who needed help as they settled into the community. Recidivism was high among this population due to the lack of culturally and linguistically oriented services in the community. Since admitting its first client in 1976 for alcohol treatment, MAP had continued to provide alcohol and drugs treatment services, as well as HIV and HCV Testing and education to thousands of clients from Rhode Island and other New England states.

MAP is proud to say that graduates of its treatment programs have continued to remain clean for life, with only few relapses, and requiring out-patient treatment.

MAP currently operates an all-male-35-bed inpatient Residential program, and Out-patient Counseling services, with an integrated Dual Diagnosis Treatment, and a 10 unit 811 Permanent Housing program for adults with disabilities. MAP provides exceptional treatment for clients with complex combinations of substance abuse and other behavioral health issue

Governance and Leadership

MAP is governed by a Board of Directors that is highly representative of the communities we serve. This stakeholder group represents the diverse gender, racial/ethnic, socio-economic and cultural backgrounds which includes consumers, business leaders, community members, and key leaders in the community such as the Rhode Island Adult Correctional Institute (ACI). Mr. William Rose, MBA is MAP’s Founder, and is a Vietnam veteran, honorably discharged and was the Executive Director up till 2012, when he stepped into the role of Vice-President of MAP’s Board of Directors. Mr. Rose continues his impressive legacy of service to MAP and Rhode Island communities. Currently, there are 10 members on MAP’s Board of Directors.

Meet Our Board of Directors


William J. Rose, MBA



Tom Connor



David Jennings



Linda Cline

Vice President


Roland Meadows



Dr. Jesee J. Jordan





Meet Our Core Team

MAP employs staff who exhibit high level of professionalism, dedication and devotion to their jobs and MAP’s vision. MAP ensures that only qualified individuals are employed to the positions in the organization. Staff reflects the cultural and linguistic demography of the target population, without discrimination to race, gender, religion, political affiliation, sexual orientation, age, and place of origin. MAP recognizes the impact of peers as role models and the opportunity to serve and grow in the profession. As a result, MAP provides opportunity to individuals who have graduated from MAP treatment program to serve as members of staff.

MAP staff are ready to attend to your needs at all times during office hours. Our office hours are Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Our Day and Night Residential Managers are available 24/7. Call the main number at (401) 785-0050, and the extension to direct you to the right staff.


Lionel Fernandez, MSW, LCSW

CEO/Executive Director

Howie Sykes

Director of Facilities

Wadovick & Company


Robert Jordan, MA, MLIS, MS

Health Information Manager

Aaronson Lavoie Streitfeld Diaz


Luis Escobar, LCDP

Billing Manager

Cindy Molina

Finance Director

Ana Alicea

Director of Housing (HUD)

Clinical Management

Dr. Torres, MD

Consultant, Addiction Medicine

Gina Diodati, BA

Intake Coordinator

Marian Idahosa, APRN, DNP

Nurse Practitioner

Martina Romero, LCDP

Bilingual Substance Abuse Counselor

Desiree Soto, MSW, LICSW

Quality Assurance

Millie Diaz

Bilngual Case Manager


MAP is an equal employment opportunity employer. Our staff comes from a broad range of cultural groups, reflecting the ethnic-cultural groups of the communities we operate business. Our employment criteria and standards are defined by the vacant positions that we have to fill without regard to race, ethnicity, religion, political affiliation, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, marital status, or veteran in accordance to federal, state and local laws.

Employment Vacancies

MAP is hiring (full-time) for the following positions: Counselors, Driver, Maintenance, Cook, RN, Residential Assistance.  We are hiring for (part-time) positions: Nurse Practitioner, RN, Med Tech. Per Diem we are hiring Nurse Practitioner, LICSW, LCSW, LCDP, RN.  Please send your resume to aalicea@maprehab.com

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MAP Behavioral Heath Services accepts any form of insurance, including Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Neighborhood, TUFTS, and United Health as well as any other out-of-network health insurance.